Arizona travel July 18, 2023

Sedona Arizona Day Trip

I had only visited Sedona Arizona 1 time before many years ago.

Put it on your list it is majestic and truly beautiful!
We decided we would do it as a day trip.
1.5 hrs for us that is doable!
Even the rest stops along the way have gorgeous views!

As soon as you get off the freeway at the Sedona exit you start to see the well known rock formations
~ Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock ~
The colors change with the light and each direction holds a new view.

We each had a must-see/do…Cierra wanted to walk across
Devils Bridge and I wanted to see Cathedral Rock at Sunset.
1st up was Devils Bridge.  It is a pretty solid hike, flat ground, washes then up through the rocks.  Take water and don’t rush it.

When this is your path you know you are off the beaten path!
Once you reach the top the hike is all worth it!  The views are incredible and the bridge well as a mom I told her seeing it was enough,
but if you get here you have to go across…well she did I didn’t!
 She says it’s wider then it looks, I took her word for it.
Next up was Cathedral Rock.
Driving around you can see Cathedral Rock but we ended up on a small side road and found a perfect sunset view.
This was so beautiful, quite, just mesmerizing.  The colors changed as the sunset happened and we just stood there taking it all in.
One quick selfie before we lost the light…Yes, we might have used a jacket on the roof of the car as a tripod but it worked!

What a great day!
 I can’t say enough about the views, and enjoyable hike (it made you work but definitely doable)
and it is always a good time hanging out with Cierra!
The town itself looked like it would be fun to explore, galleries, shops, and there are so many more hikes around~
need another day trip!!